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Who We Are

South Carolina Odyssey  is an all volunteer run organization that administers the Odyssey

of the Mind program in South Carolina for students by promoting and organizing the

program, supporting participants, and conducting workshops and tournaments, all to provide 

students an opportunity to practice and develop teamwork, creative problem solving, and

life skills.

Educational Program

Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program for students from kindergarten through college. Team members apply their creativity to solve problems that range from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. They then bring their solutions to competition on the local, state, and World level. Thousands of teams from throughout the U.S. and from about 25 other countries participate in the program.

Teaching 21st Century Skills

Odyssey of the Mind teaches students how to think divergently by providing open-ended problems that appeal to a wide range of interests. Students learn how to identify challenges and to think creatively to solve those problems. They are free to express their ideas and suggestions without fear of criticism. The creative problem-solving process rewards thinking “outside of the box.” While conventional thinking has an important place in a well-rounded education, students need to learn how to think creatively and productively.

Founded in 1981

South Carolina Odyssey of the Mind has been a Chartered Association of Odyssey of the Mind since 1981. It is currently administered by South Carolina Odyssey of the Mind, Inc. a non-profit , 501(c)3 organization.



Odyssey of the Mind has always been designed to supplement the skills taught in the formal academic setting. Using skills like math, engineering, science, reading and comprehension, the arts, music, research and communication, the Odyssey program provides the portal for students of all ages to expand and use their skills through creative team building activities.

In accomplishing these aims, the Odyssey of the Mind programs compliments and helps schools meet the National Standards for Education, 21st Century Skills, Common Core Standards and STEM education goals. These educational ideals are met through a combination of fun, research, and communications by team members solving real world complex problems on levels that meet and challengs their skill sets.



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